Ang Probinsyano Philippine drama series By ABS-CBN

Ang Probinsyano is a famous Philippine drama series. It is based upon the Life story of two identical twin brothers. It is a copy series of a movie that was released in 1997 with same name, Ang Probinsyano. Basically the story is in form of the books. The books were written by five writers. Three books of Ang Probinsyano consist of the six seasons of the series. Each book contains two seasons. The season one is the longest season of the series. This season shows the sacrifices of one brother to find the murderer of the other brother. The two brothers Ardo and Cardo followed the sacred path and became police officers and maintained the tradition of their family set up by their father. The one brother (Ardo) sacrificed his life in way to protect the society from evil and harmful people. The other brother (Cardo) abandoned his family to find the killer of his brother. This is how the season one is the main and longest season of the series.

Ang Probinsyano Philippine drama series By ABS-CBN

The second season of Ang Probinsyano started on October 3, 2016 and ended on 24th may 2017. This season has total 166 episodes. Each episode is of thirty five to fourty five minutes. This season mainly based upon the sacrifices and struggle of Cardo in order to find the killer of his brother Ardo. In course of his struggle he found out the involvement of Ardo’s killers in the murder of his father and sister-in-law as well. Sister-in-law of Cardo was the first wife of Ardo named Carmen. Tomas Tuazon is the father of the killer of Ardo. Tomas was found the superior of the drug mafia for which Cardo was trying to expose. The role of Tomas Tuazon was done by the famous Philippine actor Albert Martinez. The father-in-law of Tomas named Don Emilio Syquia was also the great drug gambler. He got irritated because Tomas was continuously getting control over the drug mafia. He organized certain events that led Cardo to the Tomas. Don Emilio Syquia Knew that Cardo was looking for the head of the great drug mafia. At last the pre-planned events led Tomas arrested by the Cardo. After that Tomas was condemned to prison by the court of law. Tomas father-in-law Don Emilio Syquia and Joaquin wanted to take revenge from Cardo for the imprisonment of Tomas. They embarrassed Cardo in conspiracy of illegal drug keeping. Cardo got arrested by the police and imprisoned in the same prison cell where Tomas was held by court. Despite of the great security system of prison Tomas and Cardo get into intense fights and conflicts. The differences became more fatal when Don Emilio Syquia revealed to Cardo that Tomas was the one who is responsible for the death of his former sister-in-law Carmen. After that Tomas tried to escape the prison. Tomas and Cardo got into intense fight. This fight resulted in killing of Tomas by Cardo.

Soon after the death of the Tomas, Joaquin and General Rogelio Jacob hired a most cruel official as a head of the prison named as Guillermo Acosta. He made the prison life like hell for Cardo. Cardo then participated in jail escapement and determined to clear his name from the allegation of being drug keeper. After leaving jail he went on a secret mission and continued to chase the drug mafia responsible for ruining his name and honour. Using name Miguel , Cardo went to the companions in prison Ramil named manager Taduran and Julian Valerio who work for the Cebu drug mafia of Romano chairman Recio who was the partner of Joaquin. The reason behind Cardo meeting with members of the Romano drug mafia is to break down the drug mafia that was responsible for disturbing his life.

The drug organization continued to threaten his family and has the access to police and government. At that time Cardo was unaware of the reality that the drug mafia which is responsible for his conspiracy to drug keeping is the same organization which is responsible of the deaths of his loved ones including his father and brother Ardo. At the end of his mission of knocking down the drug syndicate Cardo was successful in arresting Don Emilio against the murder of his father. Cardo and his partners of prison who once worked for Romano drug organization took down the Recio and the innocence of Cardo was proved in front of court of law. Joaquin was exposed and punished for all the cruel tasks and crimes he had done. Apart from the Joaquin sins Cardo also found surprising evidences against the Colonel Roy Carreon who also worked for Joaquin. Joaquin was punished for murdering his friend and colleague Ardo and covering the drugs and human trafficking organizations. After that Joaquin was killed by Cardo when he tried to destroy the wedding of Cardo to Alyana. Alyana role is played by Yassi Pressman who is an actress, dancer and singer as well. Finally Cardo was successful to punish the murderer of his twin brother.

This was all about the season two of the Ang Probinsyano.

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