Ang Probinsyano Season 4 Philippine TV Series

The second book of Ang Probinsyano named as “Terrorism Arc” also contains season four. This season premiered on 8 November 2017 and ended on 14 March 2018. This season has total of 91 episodes. This season revolves around the emerging of mid-season elections in Philippines. The superiors of the criminal groups were trying to take the rule as the senate president. They disturbed Cardo’s life in every possible way in order to get maximum votes from the public. In short this season also based on the hardest tries of Cardo to stop such brutal personalities to gain the governance over the country.

Ang Probinsyano Season 4 Philippine TV Series

Cardo and Fernan moved to manila with the help of Bret who was once used to be the member of the Pulang Araw. The daughter of Bret named as Regine envied with Cardo as she came to know that Fernan was that SAF officer who killed her brother Banjo.

The de Silva was a candidate of senator in mid-season elections. He was actually a drug seller who was funded by Don Emilio in order to protect Don Emilio from being sentenced to the punishment by law and for securing a post in de Silva Drug Empire. De Silva joined hands with to chase the Pulang Araw to surpass Hipolito. Both de Silva and Hipolito were dreaming of getting the presidency of the Philippine. After that Bret was killed by an assistant of Senator de Silva when he refused to reveal the locations of the Pulang Araw groups. Pulang Araw later came to know about the murder of the Bret. Pulang Araw saved the Bret’s family and it was revealed that the Bret’s family was assaulted by the Senator de Silva. Regine and his brother Bruno were sent along the Pulang Araw.

Ang Probinsyano Season 4 Philippine TV Series

Cardo went to visit his only son Ricky boy’s grave he was captured by the Don Emilio and his assistant. They kidnapped him and tortured him in an isolated island named as Isla Muerte which literally means Death Island. Some of the prison companions of the Cardo including Ramil came to know about the Cardo’s plight. They wanted to rescue him at any cost. They made a plan to save him from the unbearable torture. His companions made a team and arrived at that island. On arriving they rescued Cardo but two of their companions lost their lives. During the Cardo rescuing mission Cardo shot and killed Ladronio who was one of those people who helped Don Emilio kidnap and torture Cardo. Cardo and rest of the team members along with the demised bodies of their two friends returned to the Pulang Araw. Cardo then sets up a vigilant team and gave it a name Vendetta.

Vendetta then started devising plans on how to destroy the drug laboratories of Senator de Silva and Don Emilio. They became successful in destroying two drug laboratories of Senator de Silva and Don Emilio. No one of the opponents left alive. The brother of Regine and Bret’s son Bruno was captured by some unknown people. Vendetta was not successful in rescuing him and he ultimately killed by the unknown people. Bruno’s mother Dulce blamed Vendetta for his son’s demise.

After Senator de Silva and Don Emilio Vendetta led to the new enemy of the society and public named as Mayor Jethro Garrido. He used to sell drugs to the college students. Some of the college students were also working for him. They sell drugs to the other students. To cover his reality he organized a concert on “Say no to drugs”. The concert mainly aimed at stopping the students to get into the bad and life threatening habit of drug addiction. Cardo planned to knock him down. They impersonate as a band in a concert. They named their band as Vengaboys. They participated and won in the concert as the most praised band. They were personally praised by the Mayor Jethro Garrido. Without knowing that the members of the band were actually the undercover officials to knock him down he gave them drugs to sell out in colleges. Cardo opposed him and shot Mayor to death.

After beating all the drug sellers Cardo finally realized about his unresponsiveness with his wife. She was kidnapped by the Don Emilio and Senator de Silva. He was totally unaware of the kidnap of his wife. When her wife was about to be kidnapped by the assistants of the Don Emilio and de Silva her boss Marco Cabrera came at the spot to save her. Alyana then broke up with Cardo. But Cardo was hoping to fix all the matters between him and Alyana.

General Diana Olegario wanted to meet Cardo so they planned a meeting on a bridge. She was unaware that Major Catindig knew about their plan. When she was waiting for Cardo on the bridge Monolo and his assistant found Diana and surrounded her. They don’t want Diana to meet Cardo. So they shot her and left. They were unaware that Cardo was watching everything from a hide out. He rescued her and took her to the Vendetta’s refuge. When General Diana was all good and healthy she thanked the Vendetta. She wanted to go back to NIGM. As she returned to his house she was trapped by the Mayor Catindig’s men. They were unaware that Vendetta was already following her. They again rescued the General Diana Olegario and knocked down the Mayor Catindig. When she was brought back to her home she was determined to join Vendetta. She was looking Vendetta as an opportunity to take revenge of her son’s death. Vendetta at last stopped when they encounter the Don Emilio, de Silva and Buwaya’s plan to burst the bomb in the Panagbanga festival. That would lead to the death of de Silva and Don Emilio. Alyana started relationship with her boss Marco as he was there to rescue her at the time of her kidnap where Cardo should have been. This was all about the season four of the Ang Probinsyano and Watch Ang Probinsyano All Seasons Full Episodes

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