Gandang Gabi Vice is a Philippine comedy reality and talk show. The title literally means Good Evening, Vice. It was written by various writers including Vince Bersola, Sol Caco, Regina Diane Norona and Darla Sauler. The director of the show is Arnel Natividad. Vice Ganda is the constant host of the show. Christian Martinez is composer of the music of the show. The title “Gandang Gabi, Vice” was given to this show by Vice Ganda himself. The country of origin of this show Gandang Gabi Vice Pinoy Lambingan is Philippine and it was broadcasted in Filipino language. The total number of the episodes of this show are 394 which are divided among six seasons. Each episode is one hour long. It was produced by an executive producer Lani Gutierrez in Studios 2 and 10 of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Center in Quezon city of Philippine. Ramon Catahan is the cinematographer of this show. The editing of the show is done by Nino Co, Cedric Czar Flores and others. The production companu under which this show was produced is ABS-CBN Entertainment . The show was first released on 22nd May 2011 on the ABS-CBN Network.