Category: Goin Bulilit

Goin Bulilit is a Philippine sketching show based on the comedy compilations. ABS-CBN Network is the original creator of the show. This show is written by Victor Anastacio, Sherwin Buenavenida, Alex Calleja, Josel Garlitos, GB Labrador, Badjie Mortiz, Toffie Runas and Ronald Allan Habon. The directors of the show are Edgar Mortiz, Badjie Mortiz and Frasco Mortiz. Goin’ Bulilit is a theme song of the show Goin Bulilit Pinoy Lambingan. It was originally recorded in Phlippine. It has 653 episodes uptil 30th December 2018. Each episode runs for 45 minutes on Sunday at 6:00pm.   Nomie Merana is an executive producer of the show and the show is produced under Studio 5 ABS-CBN Broadcasting Center in Quizon City, Philippine. Joseph Karl Mayshle does editing the show. It was first released by ABS-CBN Network on 6th February, 2005 and is still going.