Category: Ika-5 Utos

Ika-5 Utos is a Philippine television drama series which literally means “Fifth Commandment”. This series basically includes the drama and criminal activities. The internation title given to this series is “Revenge”. Suzette Doctolero is the creator of the series and RJ Nuevas, Christine Novicio and Jake Somera are its writers. The series is directed by Laurice Guillen.Ika-5 Utos Pinoy Lambingan Roy C. Iglesias is the executive director of the series. The cast of the series includes Jean Garcia, Gelli De Belen and Valerie Concepcion. The original music composer of the series is Tata Betita. The very first title “Huwag Kang Papatay” was given to the series by Maricris Garcia. The serial is recorded in Philippine and in Tagalog language. The total number of episodes is 101 and each episode runs for about 25-27 minutes. The executive producer of the series is Arlene Del Rosaria-Pilapil. The serial is produced in Philippine under GMA Entertainment Group by multiple camera setup. The editor of the series is Noel Stamatelaky Mauricio II Benedict Lavastida. GMA Network broadcasted it for the very first time on September 10, 2018.