Category: Pepito Manaloto

Pepito Manaloto is a Philippine television drama series based on situational comedy. The title literally means The Real Story. The creator of the series is GMA Entertainment TV. The series is developed by Michael V. and is written also by Michael V. and other writers namely Chito Francisco, Mike Rivera, Roel Raval and Mark David. Bert de Leon is the director of the series who directed this show with the assistance of a creative director Michael V. The series starring the cast includes Michael V., Manilyn Reynes, Jake Vargas, Angel Satsumi, Jessa Zaragoza, Nova Villa, Ronnie Henares, Arthur Solinap, Mosang, Janna Dominguez, John Feir and Carmina Villarroel. The title song of the series is composed by Albert Tamayo. The Title “Pepito Manaloto Pinoy lambingan” was given to the series by Michael V and he is also the composer of the show. This is a Philippine series and is recorded in Tagalog language. There are 6 seasons of the series with almost 329 episodes with 60 minutes running time for each episode. It is produced by an executive producer Roy San Luis in Philippines, United States and Singapore under GMA Entertainment Group Production Company and recorded by multiple camera setup. It was first released by GMA Network on 28 March 2010 and lasted till 25 March 2015 and again it was released on 16th September 2012 and is still running.