Category: Swak na Swak

Swak na Swak is a Philippine show. It basically relays on designing the business or entrepreneurship, news and informative segments. It was first known by the title “Kabuhayang Swak na Swak Pinoy lambingan” with literal meaning “That Fits”. The show was produced by Katherine de Castro who is the main producer along with executive producer Arlene de Castro. This show produced under Bayan Productions and hosted by Bobby Yan with the special contribution of Dimples Romana. The opening theme Swak na Swak was first suggested by MM and MJ Mango. This is a Philippine show with several episodes and each episode runs for 30 minutes probably on the mornings on weekends. The show was first on aired on ABS-CBN network on 22nd of August 2006 and it is still running.