FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano Season 6th Abs cbn Action TV Series

Season six of Ang Probinsyano is the part of third book named as “Political Arc”. This season started on 24th of September 2018. In last season we have seen that Oscar lost his presidency to Lucas Cabrera by going against the Vendetta members. He was at stake of being murdered by Hipolito, Lucas and Brandon. Luckily he was rescued by the Vendetta. Finally Vendetta became successful in obtaining the trust of Oscar. In season six after the recovery of trust between Oscar and Vendetta, Cardo and rest of the vigilantes aimed to find a way to restore the presidency of Oscar.

FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano Season 6th Abs cbn Action TV Series

FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano Season 6th Abs cbn Action TV Series

Vendetta and Oscar trust issues resolved after the rescue operation of Vendetta for Oscar’s life. By then Oscar knew the real faces of his political companions and he wanted to regain the presidency that was stolen from him by Lucas Cabrera. Vendetta was willing to support Oscar in every possible way to become the president again.

Lucas appointed his close partner named Albert Fernandez as his vice president during a get together in PNP headquarters and the chief of headquarter became angry upon negative views of Hipolito.

Oscar was worried because of increasing corruption events in country. Vendetta wanted to make their first move against Lucas. In mean time he came to know that General Borja was not kept in camp Crame but in military camp where he was criticized and tortured by Ternate and his men.

Cardo rescued General Borja and Terante and his men were surrounded by the Vendetta. Cardo shot Terante in chest leaving him wounded. Terante showed Vendetta the safe place where General Borja was kept captive. Terante took Wengabu as captive and threaten Alyana at gunpoint. Wengabu shot by Terante and he managed to escape. General Borja recognized the Vendetta team and praised them. Wengabu rescued and treated and his sister was informed about his well being.

Aling Rosa wanted to rescue his children but Cardo refused. The vigilantes of vendetta were captured by Terante and his men to know about Vendetta hideouts. Rosa revealed the list of Vendetta locations to Terante and raided a compound with his boyfriend and Terante. She also told about the current compound where Vendetta member lived. She also revealed that Oscar was also with Vendetta.

Hipolito met Don Emilio who was the miner at that time and was living a name Don Gustavo. He started mining when he was rescued by an old man in the fight between him and Vendetta. Bong shot Aling Rosa and his boyfriend for exposing the information about Vendetta compound. Hipolito wanted to meet Senior Gustavo in order to purchase diamonds. Don Gustavo was informed by the secretary that they should go to Santo Nino, where Vendetta used to hide, to extract diamonds.

Hipolito agreed to share the output if he could meet Gustavo. Hipolito along with Boomer met Gustavo and Boomer recognized Don Gustavo as Don Emilio. The Brandon’s power was fading after the death of the policemen and scolding by their families. He got drunk and beaten a bar tender. People got angry and went to mayor but he was afraid of the vice president Albert Fernandez. No one got justice even from police because of vice president and DILG secretary. 
Terante and Hipolito got into fight on the Hipolito’s mining business which was approved by Lucas. Therefore Terante became permanent enemy of Hipolito and by then wanted to made Hipolito vanished from the scene completely.

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