Halik Abs CBN is top Philippine drama series

Halik is a Philippine drama series which started on 13th of August 2018 and its last episode premiered recently on 26th of December 2018. . It has drama and romance. It is a story of two close friends who got apart due to a cunning man. This series also named as Betrayal. It has only one season with total of 95 episodes. Every episode is of just 35 to 45 minutes. The leading roles played by Jericho Rosales, Yen Santos, Sam Milby and Yam Concepcion. This serial is directed by Carlo Po Artillaga and Cathy O. Camerelo. It is produced by Mavic Holgado Oducayen. It was released under the network ABS-CBN. The shooting of the serial was done at Philippine. It is present both in Filipino and English languages.

Halik Abc CBN is top Philippine drama series

The story revolves around the two childhood friends Jacky (yen Santos) and Lino (Jericho Rosales). Their families also had good relations. The parents of Jacky were the owner of the biggest furniture business and father of Lino was the great and tremendous furniture designer whose designed furniture was sold out under MonteCorp furniture house owned by Jacky’s parents Mauro and Loida. Mauro Montefalco (Romnick Sarmenta) was a cruel man. He murdered his wife’s lover. Jacky was the daughter of Loida and his lover but Mauro raised him up as his legal child but was so cruel to her and Lino’s parents because Lino’s father Gustin Bartolome (Allan Paul) was the reason Loida met her lover and fell in love with him. Mauro wanted to make the lives of Bartolome family and Jacky like hell. Gustin lost his life in the fire of furniture store and the friendly relations between Montefalco and Bartolome families could not survive for long.

Halik Abs CBN is top Philippine drama series

After the death of Gustin Lino became the younger and successful competitor of MonteCorp which gained fame due to the furniture that was designed by Gustin. Lino was also in doubt that Mauro is the reason of his father’s death. Lino married to Jade Flores (Yam Concepcion) who was an active woman. She wants all money of her and her well furnished house and for all facilities of life. Lino’s support to his widowed mother and a huge family was the bone of contention between the Jade and Lino as she didn’t want Lino to help his family. Mauro taped the rape of Jade by his son-in-law Ace, to take revenge. Ace was husband of Jacky. Lives of Jacky and Lino again took a mysterious turn. Jade made relation with Ace in order to get the life she always longed for.

At last Jade came to know that Ace was a date-rapist, drugs her, raped her, taped the rape, and made her believe that he still loves her just to take revenge from Lino. Jade life transforms into bunch of tragic events. But it was too late by then and Lino got over her completely. Jacky married Ace and loved him so much. She was very heart broken when she came to know that Ace was a date-rapist. Jacky’s mother returned the lost sketch book of Gustin to Lino before she was murdered by his cruel husband. He shot her in chest and paid to make the murder look like suicide. Jacky was aware that it was not suicide but murder. Loida permitted Jacky to resign from his father cruelty. She resigned from MonteCorp and brought the most skillful designers with her and joined with Lino’s furniture house. They got big projects and took off with gaining too much success. But Mauro was a senile man. He wanted to destroy Jacky, Lino and their furniture business.

Mauro and Ace kept making plans against Lino but Jacky encountered their all plans. Mauro got a huge brain stroke and he went into coma. No one was there to look after MonteCrop. Jacky returned to care for her father and the company. Lino and Jacky both wanted justice for the huge betrayals of their lives but it was not easy because of they knew Mauro and Ace will not stop at any cost. This story depicts the lesson that good will always remain good no matter how much bad is happening in the surrounding and vice versa.

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