Halik Abs CBN Popular Filipino Drama Series


The Halik remained a popular drama series in 2018 in the Philippines. It comprises of artists like Sam Milby, Yen Santos, Jericho Rosales and Yam Conception. The Halik ABS CBN premiered on ABS- CBN network in August 2018.


MonteCorp is a furniture export company founded by Loida’s parents. The modern creations by furniture designer Gustin Bartolome had gained much reputation. Gustin is a pretty close friend of the owners too. Soon, fortune changes for Gustin. As when Mauro takes over the company, he keeps Gustin under him as the head designer.

Halik Abs CBN Popular Filipino Drama Series

May years later, MonteCorp gets rebranded and expands into international market. Despite the success and growth, internally situation is bad. The employees are mistreated by Mauro. Mauro does not give due credit to the designers for their creations. A labor disagreement with the workers leads to the mysterious death of Gustin in a warehouse fire incident eventually.

Mauro has become just too evil and goes about his evil ways. He steals the personal portfolio. The sketchbook contains of many drawings that are still to be completed. The designs have been signed and dedicated by Gustin to his family. Gustin lost his life while searching for his portfolio in the burning warehouse.

Gustin’s death has disastrous effect for Bartolome and Montefalco family. It leads to a bitter parting of ways. Jacky and Lino’s relationship does not survive the turmoil between families. The teenage sweethearts and best friends just have to part ways regrettably.

Years later we get to see grown up son of Gustin named Lino. He does establish furniture design group called Dos Disenvos. The company gets the attention in the younger market by fast forward designs. Though it becomes contender to MonteCorp market share, but there is a gloom and toughness. Lino is certain about MonteCorp’s success due to his dad’s hard work before. But, he cannot prove it as the portfolio was long stolen years before.


The drama series follows the lives of two childhood friends Jacky (Yen Santos) and Lino (Jericho Rosales). These two are bound together by family loyalties and friendship. However, they are torn apart by vengeful man. So, they end up in a cruel twist of fate, betrayal and promises.

MonteCorp is a famous furniture establishment in Asia and the Philippines. Jacky is the heiress of this company. She is the only daughter of Loida Montefalco and Mauro who are the prominent members of high society. The couple is owner of MonteCorp too. However, Jacky from early on comes to know that she does have not have a biological father. She yearns for the acceptance from the adoptive father.

Mauro Montefalco is an evil man that has murdered his wife’s lover. He raises her daughter as his legal child. But he is extremely dismissive and cruel towards daughter. Though he is a master of keeping filial appearances to show the good side, he dislikes Jacky. He directs his anger on her and Bartolome family. His only purpose is to bring the downfall of the family.

The talented furniture designer Agustin Bartolome has a marvelous collection of pieces under Montefalco brand. The vicious Mauro is after the pieces. It is only through Gustin that Loida meets her lover named Robert Oliva. Loida suffers inhumanely under Mauro who is quite domineering too. Jacky is the result of the relationship between Loida and Mauro.

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