Halik ABS-CBN Top Pinoy TV Show

This story discusses disbelief and bad consequences. Lino and Jackie explain more secrets and scandals with their partners, take Mauro and his accomplices to court, understand them with partners and try to close the painful head of the past. It is not easy, and their efforts are full of obstacles and betrayal. When Mauro suffered a stroke, Ace and his father joined forces to capture Montecorp. Jacky has a dilemma and difficulty. Her father gives up her life and helps her save her grandparents’ company or return her to those who hurt her.

Halik ABS-CBN Top Pinoy TV Show

Despite the continued success of Dos Disenyos, Lino and Jacky face new challenges. The growing relationship between Lino and Jacky confirms that Lino’s father passed the Jade pregnancy test and DNA. Pinoy Lambingan Lino in the world Jacky is confused and jealous with a new interest in love. Jade pregnancy is weak. Therefore, she feels responsible for what she considers to be her child. Jade realized the mistake and tried to supplement the betrayal, but Lino said that it was too late for him. This story provides an accurate and fair picture of marriage, emotional abuse, and broken relationships.

Halik ABS-CBN Top Pinoy TV Show

Halik follows the story of a family partner who is tempted by temptation, dissatisfaction, misunderstanding and other views. Thanks to mutual loyalty and deep friendship with other families that were destroyed by a vengeful person, promises and betrayal were made, and fate was cruel. Jackie is the successor to Montecorp Furniture, a well-known furniture factory in the Philippines and Asia. He is the only daughter of Mauro and Loida Montefalco (Precious Lara Quigaman), prominent members of Rodina Montecorp. Jacky knew that she was not the child who was considered her father, but could not adopt.

Mauro Montefalco (Romatik Sarmenta) is a haughty and cruel person who kills his wife’s lover and raises his daughter as a legitimate child. So far, the dose has disappeared. Because he was so cruel and brought his daughter. He still did not like his daughter, despite the fact that he was going to save his face, and wanted to take the Bartolome’s family and kidnap him. Hello from the brand Montefalco. Agustin Lloyd met his lover Robert Oliva. Loida is the cruel and dominant wife of Mauro. The couple fell in love. Roider tried to bring her husband to Robert, Halik Pinoy Lambingan but he was killed by Mauro. Jacky is the fruit of their relationship.

Lino and Jacky end their lives again when their wives Jade and Ace intervene in confusion. Meanwhile, Jacky’s mother died due to her accomplishments. She did not want to believe. Jacky’s suspicion does not offer Mauro to shoot Loida. Mauro tempts the coronary arteries and forges the results of the coronary artery. A few days before the planned suicide, Lino and her family lost a portrait of Justin. A few years after he advised his daughter to play with his father, he allowed Jacky to destroy his dominant father.

Jacky is embarrassed by her mother’s suicide.Halik Pinoy Lambingan Because of his death, Jacky owned a large stake in MonteCarp and became an important term in the field of conferences and work. This gave Jacky the freedom to leave his father without sacrificing his property for business. Jackie is a free resource that helps you fight for the right things and protect your employees from your father’s fake attacks. It is not easy. They continued to monitor their employees and their problems, and Ace and his corps gathered new investors with terrible plans, such as the destruction of Bartolome, Dos Disenyos, Mauro and Jacky.Jacky and Lino, on the other hand, saw the most difficult test in their marriage. Court decisions in the case of her husband go far beyond the borders of the country. Jacky uses what he gets from the business to stop his father’s plan. It was destroyed by Ace’s betrayal and broken into pieces. He learns to fight and beat ace. Renault struggled with true faith, which in a legitimate and correct way led to the death of his father in justice. Completely ruined by Jade’s treason, Lino focused on overcoming his feelings and revealing the truth.Halik Pinoy Lambingan The case of the death of his wife and father.

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