Los Bastardos Abs cbn Network Philippine drama series

Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Los Bastardos (Lit: The Bastards) series of Rome, which began in 2018 based on Ronaldo Valdez from Cardinal Vanessa Bastard and Jake Quench Diego Rose, Marco Cuba. Filipino drama series about work. Joshua Colette.This show was announced worldwide on the Capadilla Gold Vernar ABS-CBN block on October 15, 2018 and on the Philippine Channel on behalf of Ara Gabi. and All Pinoy Lambingan Tv Shows Online In High Quality,

Los Bastardos Abs cbn Network Philippine drama series

Los Bastardos is based on a series of Cardinal from the novel Precious Hearts. This story is about five brothers who are fighting to take their rightful place in the heart of their father. Their source of conflict is betrayal, secrets and revenge against Cardinal Don Roman.Don Roman is the illegitimate son of Don Ismail Cardinal, the wealthy owner of sugar and coconut farms in South Lee, Philippines. As a father, he became an adult and, eventually, inherited his father’s hacienda. He began to live in a small family but the tragedy arose and he lost his wife and son.Despite the tragic loss, Don Roman pursued his dream of expanding and diversifying Hassid and built an alcohol processing plant using ingredients from coconut culture.

Los Bastardos Abs cbn Network Philippine drama series

In the tragedy and poor life, Don Roman created a successful kingdom and gave birth to four more sons from four other women.Later, Roman Jr., known as Isagani, was his wife, Soledad, Don Roman’s legitimate son only because of his true love. When they disappeared, Don Roman and the villagers assumed that his young family was perished in the mudslide. Some residents are looking for today, and before Suledado is buried in a landslide, he does not know that he will not be able to save his son if he tries to throw him into a passing truck and avoid an attack. The child was raised by farmers who had children in the car. The discovery grew like Isaghani Esperanza. He inherited his father’s good qualities, kindness, affection, loyalty, courage, physical strength, corporate activities and the interests of his father, as well as his father’s unique values ​​that are important for the development of Edelbrand. While studying in Manila, he created Arak, who was named Koko Brandi. Isagani wanted to buy a small coconut garden and start his own distillation. This gave him a chance to fulfill his dream.

Joaquin is the son of Alba Santill. Alba is a lost heir who is caught up in romance and cannot defeat her love. He will release Solid Mountain and his child, falling from a cliff. He said that he was sad all night, and he was surprised and pregnant with his second son, Joaquin. Rome loves her second son as her firstborn, so Alba and his son live in his house. He grew up as a natural son of the novel. He did not marry Alba, which he did not like, but he allowed him to live as the mistress of his son. Joaquin was the only son of five brothers who grew up in his actions and did not have an evil, selfish nature to his mother. Joaquin has a strong and loving relationship with his father and takes honest, loyal and loving qualities from his father. He also has the physical strength of his father, leadership and management skills. He grew up to lead the head of the distillery of the Cardinal, whom everyone loved.

Matteo is the son of Maddy Silverio. Maddy is the wife of Menandro Silvestro, who painted the unfortunate, insulted and lonely Don Roman. His wind made his son, but he ended the relationship and raised the child, like Silverio, the cardinal’s main rival. Menandro knows about the betrayal of his wife and his novels and uses Matteo as a ransom promise. Matteo is as bad as the one who believes that he is his father. Connor became a prostitute as the son of Pilar, a Roman friend of his childhood. The Romans tried to save him from this world, and in solitude they were bound. When Alba found out that Pilar is pregnant with Connor,she ran into him and she laughed successfully because she left the rich man in Japan. Disappointed with her life, she insulted Cornell. She tried to sell it to strangers for sex, but a detective saved her.

Fausto raises Connor in the same way. And finally, Lucas, son of Sheetes. Sita is Alba’s orphan parent. He serves as Alba’s personal servant and testifies to Alba’s unfair manipulation of the novel. They love novels, they have a short relationship and there is Lucas. When Alba found a connection, he threatened to take Joaquin. As a concession, Rome agrees not to recognize Lukas as its biological son, but Lukas and his mother believe that Lukas lives in the villa where his son Joaquin grew up. As a result, Lucas grew up in a family of cardinals. The Cardinal’s family was treated like a family, not knowing that the man he served was his father. The Romans love Lucas and Joaquin and treat him with respect. He also taught Joaquin to treat Lucas as a sister.

Lucas inherited his father’s leadership, organization, and mother’s patience.Later, Lucas met his father, and at first he had a conflict, but he was able to lead his father in power and grace. The life of five brothers collided. Isaghani brought coconut brandy and farmers along with Don Roman and a distillery. He did not realize that he was a brother or sister, and he worked with Joaquin and Lucas. Mott, motivated to please his father, Menandro, understands the destruction of the Cardinal. Known as the best artist in the world of crime, he overthrew his father and fulfilled his mission to believe the lies of his mother, left by Don Roman. He was happy when Izabani and Lukas became close to Don Roman.

They did not know that they were brothers and sisters. Brother and sister are a form of unity of nature. They are connected by one blood, despite the fact that they are from other worlds with different programs.The discovery of his father had a significant impact on all his sons, because he hardly understood the difficulties of the young generation. But Joaquin died in a plane crash and became Alba’s boyfriend, not a Don Roman, but a gardener.

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