My Special Tatay GMA Network TV Show

My special Tatay (International title The heart knows/lit. My Special Dad) is a 2018 GMA family series. Regulated by LA Madridhoes, he plays Ken Chan. The premiere took place on September 3, 2018 in the afternoon on the network on behalf of Hindi Ko Kayang Ivan Ka.A new love team has been added to the list of love teams in 2018.

My Special Tatay GMA Network TV Show

My special love team “Bobry” Tatay is on the GMA network with Boyet and Ken Chan with some intellectual disabilities, and Rita Daniel is interested in playing the role of prostitute and succeeded in catching the attention of many proposal scenes.Even before this scene, the daily series is connected to the Internet by the BoBrey love team. The stars of Kapuso were stunned by the reaction of the viewers.

My Special Tatay GMA Network TV Show

I know how aggravated he is and that his family drama (Pina TV, My Special Tatay Pinoy Lambingan, November 16, 2018) can happen. The last thing someone wants is to belong to the Pinoy Tambayan series, which actually shows what you see in real life. So, on November 16, 2018, Pinoy TV created a new TV show called Pinoy My Special Tatay. Pinoy My Tatay was broadcast today on Pinoy. Pinoy Teleserye My Special Tatay Pinoy Lambingan 2018 is dedicated to comedy and science. Reproduction of Pinoy TV My special plan, November 16, 2018, does not include the romantic stories or dramas that occur in everyday life.

Starting September 3, you will feel the love of father towards his children solving the problems of his life in the last afternoon program of the GMA network.The original series was filmed by one of the most talented actors Kapuso Ken Chan, who was ready to create another brand on a small screen, overcoming one of the most complex gentle intellectual and complex roles with a soft flaw. Autism Spectrum Disorder: Ken thanks GMA.

I promised to prepare and work diligently with seven people who are committed to this unusual project.In addition to acting classes, talented capuchin actors, as well as creative and soap teams, went through stages of mild mental disorders and mild autism spectrum disorders.Starring as an actor and actress: Rich Father God Edgar Villaron as Awakened Alarcon; Teresa Loizaga, ruler of Edgar’s dominant wife Olivia Solcedo-Villaroman, is a conservative, but still accepts Edgar’s mother and Boyer’s grandmother, Soledad Villaroman, as Carmen Soriano; Lilet as Isay, from Carey’s mother, Boyet. Pangilinan, like Chona Mariano, Isay’s cousin.Special guest roles include: Matt Evans, like the young Edgar; Encourage the queen as young Isaiah.

Young Olivia in Valen Montenegro; Young lover Ashley Rivera.Many talented artists joined: Ara San Agustin, Rita Daniela from Audrey Palomares, childhood friend of Boyer’s best friend Carroll Flores Bohey; Gillian Ward from Odette Wikaroman, daughter of Edgar and Olivia; Bruno Gabriel – son of Edgar and Olivia, Orville Vilaroman, best friend of Boyka Dekdek, J. K. Gidukos.Despite the limitations and judgments of others, Boyet, whom his mother Isay (Lilet) raised with love, grew up as a kind person with a positive outlook on life.

His life turned upside down when he realized that he had a child. If he is a good father, how will he experience the difficulties of the world?This program is another creation of the GMA drama group led by Lilybeth G. Rasonable, Senior Vice president of the entertainment group. Vice President for Drama Redgie Acuna-Magno; Deputy Director of Drama Cheryl Ching-Sy; Anthony Pastorpid Program Manager.Do not miss the heart of My Special Tatay Pinoy Lambingan at the world famous GMA Pinoy television station on September 3 under the direction of director LA Madridejos, director of the second division of Peru Conrado.

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