Onanay GMA Pinoy TV: A story with a cruel twist


This year another blockbuster drama series hit Filipino network. The Onanay got aired in August in 2018.  The Onanay GMA Pinoy TV got much attention and fame quickly. Joel Lamangan and Gina Alajar directed the series. Jo Berry plays the lead role in this prime-time series.

Onanay GMA Pinoy TV: A story with a cruel twist


Onanay portrays pretty unique story. It showcases a woman born with Achondroplasia. It’s a bone growth disorder that hinders proper growth. Despite the inability and ridicule, she remains positive in life. God shows mercy towards her. She gets blessed with two beautiful daughters. They are Natalie and Maila- that much resemble each other.

There have been much tragedy and traumatizing events. Onanay shows pure and unconditional loves towards her daughters.

Cast and Characters

  1. Nora Aunor

In Onanay GMA Pinoy TV we see a famous superstar. She is Ms. Nora Aunor as Nelia. Who is actually supportive mother of Onanay. She is strong and willing to do anything for her child.

  1. Cherie Gil

Another celebrity in the series is Ms. Cherie Gil. She plays Helena, a former beauty queen. Later, she is seen as a wealthy owner of an online fashion magazine. However, there is an evil side of her too. She is a harsh mother-in-law of Onanay bent towards making her and Nelia’s life miserable.

  1. Gardo Versoza and Wendell Ramos

We come to know about Dante, a younger brother of Nelia. The role is played by Gardo Versoza. He is loving and much caring man. He shows true love towards Maila and treats her as his own daughter. Then, there is Wendell Ramos as Lucas. He is shown as careless and rich man involved in alcohol and drugs. Later, he plays a crucial role in Onanay’s life.

  1. Rochelle Pangilinan

She plays the role of Sally. Onanay is her childhood friend. Sally works at a beauty salon. She is endeared and supportive to Maila.

  1. Vaness Del Moral

She is possessive and jealous wife of Lucas. Her name is Imelda.

  1. Enrico Cuenca

He plays the role of Oliver. A smart school jock that will fall for Maila.

  1. Adrian Alandy

Adrian Alandy as Elvin makes a special guest appearance . He is responsible and loving husband of Onanay. Onanay has beautiful innate qualities that draws attention of Elvin deeply.


There is a twist in the story after we come to know of Onanay. The series introduces a new character. It is Kapuso Jo Berry who plays the role of Onanay. She is kind, warm and loving towards everyone. She is much realistic and looks at the brighter side of things.

Maila is an ideal obedient and cheerful daughter. She takes stand whenever her mother experiences ridicule. The life is tough for all of them. However, Maila has a different approach. She is hardworking and dreams of graduating well. She is bent upon giving comfortable life to the family.

On the other hand, Natalie is opposite of Maila. She is arrogant and remains spoiled too. The surprising fact is that she thinks highly of herself. Above all, her attitude is wrong towards her mother too. She is ashamed of physical appearance of the mother. Her character is often found venting anger and frustration as well.



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