Pinoy Big Brother ABS CBN Pinoy Teleserye TV Show

Pinoy Big Brother is a Philippine reality game show that was first started on August 21 2005 on Studio 23 of ABS-CBN. It was short named as PBB. The main hosts of the show were Willie Revile, Toni Gonzaga and Mariel Rodriguez. Bonanza did not leave the show and was a permanent host of the show. The show consisted of daily challenges, confession room and an unknown voice that was recognised just by a name “Big Brother”.

Pinoy Big Brother ABS CBN Pinoy Teleserye TV Show

In this show the selected contestants have to live in a house for couple of days. They were given different tasks to do in that time span of their stay. The elimination process which eliminates the nominated candidate used to occur on weekly basis. The voting for two danger zoned candidates done among the housemates and one who got less votes got eliminated.

In other way Pinoy Big Brother Pinoy Lambingan nominate two candidates who automatically got eliminate and viewers of the show vote for a week through messages or calls to make sure the stay of their favourite contestant and the housemate with least votes got eliminated.  In final episode the housemate with greater votes was the winner and got a house, a lot, a car, home appliances and holiday tickets and was called as Big Winner.

Pinoy Big Brother ABS CBN Pinoy Teleserye TV Show

The show had two special versions. The one in which famous hosts, actors, actresses, sport celebrities, politicians, radio and TV celebrities came and play with the housemates. This is the Celebrity show week. Other is charity week in which housemates played not for themselves but for charity. The other one is Teen version in which teen agers from not only Philippine but over other countries were invited to play.

The house of PBB was actually large and fully air conditioned. Its front was made just like a middle class house. It was situated in Quezon City. The house had everything of living including the themes furniture kitchen etc. The walls of the house were made of double mirrors that helped cameramen to shoot activities of the housemates. The activities of housemates were recorded by the camera and microphones.

The backyard of the house had swimming pool and is used as activity place according to the season. The second floor of the house had a recording room and the place for program’s crew. The housemates were banned to communicate from the outside world. A big flat TV was present in the living room which was used only to show any video to the housemates Big Brother wanted to show them and for announcing the eliminations in front of all house members or in front of the eliminated one. The housemates could watch hosts during nominations and eliminations.

The house set up was shown as it was a single storey house but actually it was double storey. Further changes had been done in the show during Pinoy Big Brother Pinoy Lambingan 2nd, 3rd and 4th seasons. The cameras were increased and new rooms were built. The entrance of the house was fully furnished and the new extension of house was built which was equally furnished and used for the tasks assigned to housemates by Big Brother.

At the time of the broadcast the two slogans of Big Brother were Eto na si Kuya! this means “Here comes Big Brother and Ang Bahy ni Kuya which meant “Big Brother house”. The viewers were given the visit inside the Big Brother house. Pinoy Lambingan TV was the main theme song of the show.

In season one the auditions brought 25 thousand candidates. Twelve out of 25 thousand were selected by the jury. The season started on 10th of December 2005 and lasted for 111 days. The winner of season 1 was Nene Tamayo. For season 2 the auditions not only held within country but at Dubai, Sydney, Tokyo, Milan and San-Francisco.

This season began on 25 February 2007 and lasted till 30th June 2007. It lasted for 125 days. The winner of the season 2 was Beatriz Saw. She got 1.5 million votes and was given a house, a lot, brand new car, business franchise and holiday tickets. The auditions for 3rd season brought about thousands of candidates especially from Manila due to which other dates were given for auditions. Fifty candidates were selected out of which 13 entered the regular third season. The Big Brother house was divided into two parts. This Double Up version started on October 4 2009 and after 132 days on 13th February 2010 Melisa Cantiveros was the announced winner of the season.

She got 32% of the total vote cast by viewers. In unlimited season the concept of two houses of Double Up maintained with one house with new layout and other with traditional. The two shows premiered on different times. It was started in October 2011. After 154 days on March 31st Slater young was the announced Big Winner of the season. The Celebrity edition and Teen edition both have two seasons each. There were several other seasons which had changed the lives of the winners. 

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