Pinoy Big Brother (PBB)ABS CBN Pinoy Ako TV Show

Pinoy Big Brother is a real-life version of the franchise in the Philippine language, well known by the short name of the United Nations. The word Pinoy in the title is a colloquial term used to describe Filipinos. This event took place on August 21, 2005 on ABS-CBN, Studio 23 and international TFC channels in many countries around the world. This 24×7 version is available through paid online video recordings via TFCNow and via the SkyCable cable network on the Internet.The original hosts of the show were Willie Revilam, Tony Gonzaga and Mariel Rodriguez. From the very beginning, Gonzaga was the only speaker on the show. He currently holds a show with Robi Domingo, his sister Alex Gonzaga and former big winners Kim Chiu and Melai Cantiveros.

Pinoy Big Brother (PBB)ABS CBN Pinoy Ako TV Show

This format follows the same principles as many foreign colleagues around the world, and some Filipinos voluntarily live in their homes for several days. The process of exclusion from the show is the opposite of the original Dutch form. When the removal process begins, “housemates” (as mentioned by competitors) will vote for followers who need to be removed in two cases (sometimes with links or problems with Big Brother names) When this place name is chosen, an audience voice is heard.

During the week, viewers should choose via SMS or voice message via the PLDT hotline (removed for sound cards) for those who want to stay at home for a long time. Collectors with the least audience noise are excluded. Most viewers will get a big prize last week. Usually these are houses and plots, cars, business franchises, household appliances and everything else.

Pinoy Big Brother (PBB)ABS CBN Pinoy Ako TV Show

The house is actually an air-conditioned studio and looks like an ideal middle class home. It is located next to the ELJ Communication Center in Diliman-Eugenio Lopez in Queens City. The extreme left side of the exterior was completely removed by 2011 for another franchise in the reality show Pinoy Dream Academy (Big Brother). The interior of the studio is designed to look like a real home, in which the theme and interior design change at any time of the year.

The studio is designed to record all the actions of a roommate using modern surveillance cameras and microphones. The house is surrounded by a wall with a double-sided mirror, so the operator can shoot directly behind the mirror. Studios have land that is used for various purposes depending on the seasonal theme. Currently, the land is used as an active zone, a pool and a multipurpose hall.

The building is located in a bungalow, but the appearance is clearly made in the form of a two-story house. On the second floor there are a number of premises for complex basic dispatching and program teams. It’s not possible to communicate outside the home, but the living room has a large flat-screen TV for only two purposes. To watch the video, Sister wants every Sunday to show all or her roommates on the TV table (she visits a priest who is not visible in the first report of the beginning of the season for the audience) and announces the name of the candidate who should be thrown right into the neighbourhood.

During the second special season, with an extended front, the former front of the Academy of Dreams Pina was part of Brother House. In the ABS-CBN study, the deportation occurred outside the facade. Moving roommates was moved to the studio Eviction by car.

First was Eto na si Kuya (This is Big Brother), talked about the franchise and the most important things about success. Secondly, Ang Bahai and Kuya, Marie and Tony indirectly lead the audience through the Big Brother’s house and room with the control room and confessional booth. This included twelve network talents spending 24 hours at home, experienced difficulties and emphasising the dry cycle that roommates will experience when starting a project.

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