SOCO : Scene of crime operative ABSCBN network Pinoy Channel TV Show

S.O.C.O. :The ABS CBN and the ABS CBN network provide high-quality entertainment for Filipinos through the Pinoy Channel. Many warm love stories, action films and comedies from Pinoy TV are broadcast every day, and OFW gets your favorite Pinoy channel at the door. Pinoy Lambingan HD is the main platform for all Filipinos to watch SOCO footage on the video of the Crime operation on October 10, 2018.

SOCO : Scene of crime operative GMA network Pinoy Channel TV Show

So here is the most interesting, and you can see the SOCO Pinoy Lambingan scene with the whole event on November 10, 2018.Some are also called FSI, CCI investigators (despite the CBS series and other works) or experts at the crime scene. SOCO Lambingan is usually not a police officer, but a police officer..

The scenes about the crimes of the television series operators were broadcast in investigation documents in the Philippines and ABS-CBN. The program, which debuted on November 23, 2005, was aimed at combating crime with the help of the police and a local judicial investigator. It was headed by Gus Abelgas and the joint venture Noriega.

The program was originally broadcast late on Friday, and after lunch, Saturday was postponed.It will also be broadcast for the first time on DZMM Tele Radyoinally every Thursday, September 8, 2011, at 21:15. This publication was conducted for 11 months until July 6, 2012. On April 20, 2017, the program returned to DZMM Teleradyo, but this time is repeated with the repetition of previous episodes that were broadcast every Thursday at 14:00 and on Friday at 1:00 am.

SOCO : Scene of crime operative ABSCBN network Pinoy Channel TV Show

Gus Abelgas (born October 22, 1962), reporter of the Philippine television, S.O.C.O.Gus Abelgas began his career as a tabloid correspondent before appearing on television. In 1991, he dealt with various natural disasters and events, such as Pinatubo, and Lembels turned his attention to investigative journalism.

He sees the devil as an anchor in “real crime” and “personal.” In S.O.C.O. (Criminal Scene) He works with the police to talk to a witness in a criminal case. As part of his work at S.O.C.O, he is suspected of being convicted and criminal. He was threatened with death with the help of his detainees: often Abelgas no longer torments him.

SOCO Pinoy Lambingan was first introduced to the Metropolitan Police in 1968 and replaced the CID employees who previously performed these functions. Prior to this, some other forces introduced them.Other police officers in the UK continue to replace CSD employees with civilians. This allows you to create special police departments. Police often moves for several years. With the introduction of the detective story into the civil scene, the department can create resources based on its experience.

Most of the current police officers use centralized training materials for the initial needs and the need for the development of SOCO. The introduction of a forensic degree at the university level raises the applicant’s standards. After being hired for an internship at SOCO, nine weeks of home study took place. In the future, SOCO  acquires fingerprint recognition, DNA extraction, photography, traffic congestion (RTC) technology and tracking evidence in other areas of knowledge.

Upon successful completion of this course, SOCO will be asked to develop knowledge through a two-year degree. SOCO is expected to demonstrate a high level of education in collaboration with peers, colleagues and other law enforcement agencies. It is a six-part presentation that discusses a specific legal field or develops an existing technology or equipment.

  • Theme Song: SOCO Scene of the Crime Operative
  • First episode date: November 30, 2018
  • Language: Tagalog, English
  • Network: GMA
  • Video Source: Standard Video License
  • Telecast Date: 28th July 2018
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  • Developed by: JV Noriega
  • Genre: Crime, Horror, Documentary, Docudrama, Investigative News
  • Production locations: Philippines

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