TV Patrol ABS CBN: Popular Filipino News Broadcast


In 1987, TV Patrol ABS CBN got aired on Filipino TV network. It had a cable and digital version that could also be heard through radio too. Prior to launch, some important meetings were held. An all-news program had become mandatory. The executives’ debated about a proper news broadcast for the public.

Thus, the nation got set for something new soon. The longest running evening Filipino newscast got live in 1987.

TV Patrol ABS CBN: Popular Filipino News Broadcast

Development (1987-2001)

One of the news anchor for Pinoy Lambingan TV Patrol was Noli de Castro. Earlier, he remained a radio announcer for Mel, Tiango, Robert Arevalo and DZMM. He had an iconic opening and closing lines for the initial episodes. It was “Magandang Gabi….Bayan” (“Good evening, nation”) and “Maraming Salamat, Magandang Gabi, Bayan” (“Thank you and good night, nation”). The lines just got much attention and fame. The lines remained part of the program until 2004 when Castro left the show. When Castro joined again in 2010, the signature lines became part of the show again.

There were two other anchors with Castro for the news broadcast. Ernie Baron earlier served as chief meteorologist. He provided trivia related to history and science to the viewers. Other was Angelique Lazo. She earlier hosted news segment Star News Network.

In 1992, some change went for TV Patrol. It got new theme and title card the same year. By 1994, TV Patrol became the first Filipino newscast and program to get broadcasted abroad.

By 1996, total running time got decreased for TV Patrol. It ran for 30 minutes only. However, in 1999 the show returned to 1 hour of airtime again.

Further change and development (2001-2004)

Korina Sanchez had earlier left for another news network. However, in 2001 she came back for TV Patrol. This time she replaced for Tiangco. Castro had vacated the anchor chair too. Henry Omega-Diaz and Noli De Castro replaced Castro as news anchors. At this stage, text font logo got changed for TV Patrol too.

The TV Patrol saw a tremendous change by 2003. The graphics, newsdesk and studio set got relaunched. The theme music and silhouetted OBB got a different outlook too.

By 2004, Julius Baber joined the news studio. New slogan, ‘Subok nang Maashan’ got launched for the show.

Fame and Development (2004-2010)

The show became TV Patrol World by 2004. The aim was to highlight reports from various Filipino communities overseas. Karen Davila and Ted Failon became main anchors besides Julius Babao.

A special edition got aired in 2005 on the show.The title was “Paalam Ama Mula Sa Bayang Minahal Mo” (“Goodbye Pope, from the Country you Loved”) respectively. It was a conclusion to the network’s all-afternoon coverage.

In 2006, opening billboard, soundtrack and logo design got changed.

In 2007, TV Patrol World celebrated its 20th anniversary with much attention. At the end of the year, there was a documentary special to commemorate the anniversary.

In 2008, TV Patrol World launched new segments, set of graphics and opening billboard theme.

New Development and Popularity

By June 2010, TV Patrol World got reverted back to TV Patrol. There was a new logo, studio setup and new opening lines for the program.

By 2018, TV Patrol went High Definition format. Every Friday ‘Ayos Ka Kid’ featuring talented kids gets aired too.

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